Elite IT Solutions + Services + Product Resale

Why Flywheel Data?



Flywheel Data provides an elite team of our own experts focused on your mission, while providing deep reach-back into some of the most powerful technology companies in the world.

Ease of Procurement


We work hand-in-hand with your procurement organization to make sure you get what you need, when you need it. Additionally, we have a broad range of contract vehicle options for our government clients.

Trust. Integrity. Patience.


Our decades of experience working with our government and commercial clients prove that we understand trust, integrity, and patience are the bare minimum for us to earn anyone’s business.

Enhanced Services

Product Success


Choosing a product is only the first step. Flywheel Data ensures that technologies are being utilized correctly—and as you intended. Our experts help bridge skills gaps while your team comes up to speed, ensuring successful integration.

Managed Services


Flywheel Data combines procurement, integration, operations, and support to transform any existing commercial product(s) into a consumption-based, managed service. We deliver the latest technology as a service to your specifications, freeing you to focus on your mission.

Custom Solutions


We thrive on having the flexibility and agility to customize solutions for our customers. Whether it’s a multi-vendor solution that is delivered to your data center racked, stacked, and cabled or a rapid prototype of emerging technologies, no request is too big or too small.


At Flywheel Data, we believe we stand out from other resellers. The IT industry’s most innovative companies—including Nutanix, NetApp, Cisco, HPE, and Riverbed—seem to agree, and acknowledge us as a valued technology partner. Because of our business and technical expertise, these companies put their trust in us to serve as an extension of their engineering, sales, and logistics teams. With our technical aptitude and track record of innovation, technology leaders engage us to help better meet the needs of their most valued customers.