The Partner Ecosystem at Flywheel Data is something we carefully and actively manage.  Our partners come in all shapes and sizes.  Most importantly, each Flywheel Data partner provides specific value to our clients.  We categorize our partners in one or more of the following categories:

Product & Technology – We are constantly reevaluating our prodOur Partnersuct and technology partners to ensure our clients get best-in-class products to address their requirements.

Services – We take great pride in being experts in as many things as possible.  However, when something falls outside our domain of expertise, you can lean on us to find the expert partner to help.

Cloud Service Providers (CSP) – We partner closely with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other CSPs to ensure our customers succeed with cloud adoption.

Finance – Money and Funding don’t always coincide with mission requirements.  When this happens, talk to us about our pay-as-you-grow and/or other flexible payment terms.

On-the-fly-partners: If our existing partner ecosystem is lacking something you need… We have the agility and operational experience, to form on-the-fly partnerships to make sure we get you exactly what they need.